Yippee Ice
1904 W Corpus Christi St #B Beeville, TX 78102



The primary focus of Yippee! ICE is to provide its customers with an uninterrupted and ample supply of Packaged Ice and Palletized Bottled Water all year long. We pride ourselves on hard work and customer service to ensure our customers' expectations are met with reliable, dependable, and friendly service.

Our customers can pick up the phone and speak directly to a “live” person. No automated machines to fill your orders! Call us today and let Yippee! ICE take care of your ice needs!


What is Palletized Bottled Water Delivery service from Yippee! ICE? In one word, convenience. Transporting your own palletized bottled water can be difficult and time consuming. So let us save you the hassle by bringing the great taste of purified drinking bottled water right to your location!

Bottle Water Specifications (Depending upon which pallet is available to us from our distributors, cost and bottle count will fluctuate.):

• 24 bottles per case – 16.9 oz Purified Drinking Water

• Cases per Pallet: 96, 84,78, or 60

• Bottles of Water per Pallet: 2,304, 2,016, 1,872 or 1,680

• A minimum of 1 pallet must be ordered.


Yippee! ICE offers Packaged Ice Dock Sales for those who do not meet our minimum which is required for an ice delivery. You may come by our location and purchase directly from our dock.

Dock purchases must meet the minimum of 200 pounds. Two hundred (200) pounds is equivalent to 28 each 7-pound bags or 10 each 20-pound bags.

Dock sales are available Monday - Friday, from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

* Please keep in mind that a twenty-four (24) hour notice is strongly encouraged. Otherwise, we may not have the ice of which you are needing.


Yippee! ICE offers two (2) delivery service levels; they are as follows:

1. Regular Delivery
24-hour notice is required so we may provide the best quality service and timely delivery.

2. Emergency Delivery
If less than 24 hour notice is given, delivery is classified as "Emergency Delivery" and will be based on earliest availability. This Emergency Delivery service is available to your company when you need a dedicated vehicle and driver immediately for your ice delivery needs to any destination within a 80-mile radius from Beeville, Texas.


Yippee! ICE offers Ice Merchandisers Rentals and is dependent on availability for high-volume accounts. Yippee! ICE classifies a high-volume account as those who will have weekly purchases of at least 2,000 pounds of ice. Two thousand pounds is equivalent to 285 each of 7-pound bags or 100 each of 20-pound bags.

We also sell both indoor and outdoor freezers/ice merchandisers at competitive rates.